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Title: Anything you want...Captain
Author: Brialyn
Characaters/Pairings: F!Smuggler (Briseis) & Corso Riggs
Disclaimer: If you haven't played the Smuggler story line in SWTOR then you are in for some spoilers.   

Risha sighed as she sat in the chair beside Corso.  She'd agreed to explain things to Corso for the Captain.  As another woman in this line of work Risha completely understood the need for Briseis to keep pushing Corso away even though everyone on the ship was aware  the Captain cared deeply for the backwater country boy.  Risha didn't claim to understand the attraction but that didn't matter now.  

"Do you need something Risha?" Corso asked as he absently worked on his favorite blaster Torchy.  Skavik had heavily modded it and Corso was restoring her to his desired settings.

She cleared her throat,  "Corso, why do you keep chasing the Captain. Can't you realize she keeps pushing you away because she knows that she will end up breaking your heart? You have to understand that with the work that we do she has to keep her She can't be tied down, if she can use her body to work an angle she needs to be able to do so." As Risha spoke the words she knew the Captain would never stoop to that level. Risha had seen her on too many occasions flirt endlessly but never follow through with the deed. The captain was the queen of playing hard to get.  

"Right to the heart of the matter it seems," It was Corsos turn to sigh, he took a deep breath and thought briefly about his answer, "I know I'm not the only man in her world...and maybe she isn't ready to change that.  I'm still going to be the one who will be here when she's hurt, when she's old, when she's ready to leave this life. No matter where she goes or who she's with I'll be right here waiting for her to come home."

Risha was struck speechless. She just stared at Corso in dumbstruck awe. She never would have imagined such a man would have existed in this galaxy.  Her father Nok had taught her that people look out for only themselves.  No one, could be that selfless...yet here he was and she believed every word he said.  She regained her thoughts and circled back around to her original argument. "Don't fall in love with her Corso...she is the wrong girl for you."

Corso gave a half smile, "Too late." He continued as he went back to calibrating his blaster. "One day she'll come back from a mission and maybe we'll both be grey and wrinkled.  And she's going to see me and she's going to realize that she can stop running. I've been here all along then I'll take her in my arms and ask 'what took you so long'"

Risha couldn't respond, heck she damn near had tears in her eyes.  She understood the captains needs to keep Corso and his love at bay but after that monologue all she could think was how the captain was a fool. Now she understood just why the Captain could love this backwater country boy...he was unlike anyone else in the galaxy, a rare diamond amiss the darkness.

Unbeknownst to Risha and Corso the 'fool' captain was on the other side of the door and overheard the entire conversation. Captain Briseis, the daring rogue and scoundrel, sulked away to her quarters and let the silent tears fall down her face. She could feel the final wall that had been keeping Corso out crumble under the weight of the realization that she loved him.  She didn't want to wait until they were old and grey to experience what receiving his love would feel like.

In the darkness of her quarters she let it all out, she sobbed as she cursed herself for being so stupid.  She cursed herself one minute for not telling Corso sooner and the next minute for falling in love in the first place.  She was a mixture of emotion but one thing was certain, she didn't have it in her to fight her love for him anymore.

"Captain, we've arrived at Balmorra.  Corso is waiting to leave with you.  Good luck on this wild goose chase of his...remind me again why a backwater planet like Ord Mantell is worth this trouble?" Risha complained over the intercom.

Briseis wiped her eyes and smirked as she replied, "Thanks Risha, I'm on my way out."

She would tell Corso the truth after she helped him save his home world. If the culture of a planet was capable of producing anymore men like Corso, she owed it to the women of the galaxy to save it.   


Briseis wandered the ship while her thoughts ran amuck. She couldn't stop thinking about Danla Zin and Magar and what had occurred back on Balmorra. They'd fought the imperials together and then Danla Zin lost Magar to nothing more than a simple misunderstanding.  It broke Briseis's heart and she couldn't help but think of Corso.  What if she lost him?  With all the fighting that she put everyone through it was certainly a possibility.  Did she want him to leave this galaxy without knowing how she felt about him? Hadn't she already decided to tell him the truth? Suddenly she felt an urgent need to get it all off her chest.

She stopped when she realized where she was.  In her musings she managed to wander to the bridge where Corso waited. Well, where he paced rather.  She watched him for a bit and smirked as she ascended the small staircase, he was adorable when he was flustered.  She chuckled as she heard him muttering to himself.  

He stopped when he heard her musical laugh and looked into her eyes.  She froze and wondered if she would have the strength to tell him how she really felt.  She'd spent so much time running from her past that to stand her a face something that could forever change her future was tasking her courage.  However, what Corso wanted to say seemed to be tasking his as well.  He took to small steps towards her and cleared his throat.

"I've been saving this bottle for a long time...Captain. It's a rare vintage, Ord Mantell 432 BTC.  I'd thought I'd use it when we had reason to celebrate." He spoke quietly the gave one of his heart melting half smiles, "but most of our victories aren't really the raise a toast type."

She wanted to tell him everything, that she loved him more than anything, that she would give up everything for him, but she couldn't find the words and so she did what she always did...she hid behind humor. "You have something you want to celebrate?"

He looked down, embarrassed, or ashamed, and she immediately regretted what she had said. He only replied, "I hope I do."

She chewed her bottom lip. What in the world was her problem? She'd flirted with countless men prior to this.  Heck she even thought of herself as having wiles and being able to manipulate the menfolk of this galaxy.  Yet with Corso all of that vanir was washed away and she was so open to him that she felt vulnerable.  She couldn't quite manage to be smooth and sauve with him without feeling silly.  The silence was becoming deafening when Corso finally spoke again.

"Captain, it would be my great pleasure if you'd share this bottle with me." She smiled at him and was about to agree when he continued with his request, "Maybe somewhere...private."

"I've never spent the night with a proper Mantellian gentleman before."Smooth, real smooth Briseis.  Way to make him see that you've changed and you're ready to be a one man woman.

She had to hand it to him, he took it in stride, "I hope it's the first of many."

He leaned in and pressed his lips to hers and just like the first time he kissed her she felt a fire spread through her body.  What was it about this man that drove her wild?  Was it the fact that he treated her with respect and dignity even though she continued to act like she didn't deserve it? As he deepened the kiss she lost the train of thought and let herself just get lost in Corso.


They laid tangled in each other and the sheets of her bed in bliss.  She traced the lines of Corso's muscles on his chest while he lightly stroked her bare back.  Giving in had never felt so good. She leaned up on one arm and smiled at Corso, her Corso as he so eloquently put once. She lifted her other hand and lightly traced the scars on his face then leaned down and gently kissed each one.

"My life would be perfect if I could stay right here forever." He said quietly and then kissed her hair, "I won't let anyone hurt you ever again."

She said it before she could stop herself, changing old habits wasn't going to be easy. "Just because you like watching my rear doesn't mean I can't still kick yours." She lightly punched at his shoulder as she said it but inside she was cringing. She wanted to tell him how nice it was to trust in someone and how he'd been right that it was good to have someone watching out for you...instead she fell back on her humor.

To her shock he smiled, took her fist, and kissed the back of her hand, "There's things a man's gotta do and one is keep his lady safe...even if she could blast him into component atoms."

Briseis couldn't help but chuckle but then his eyes changed, they become more focused and directed at her. "The others this." He said deeply before claiming her lips with his own.

She could certainly get used to this.
I really wanted to get in the conversation from the romance when the sumggler tries to warn Corso away [link] and he won't have it. (If you haven't seen it watch the link, it will melt your heart) However, I couldn't do it in the game because well....I just couldn't. The dialogue though is so had to be included somewhere so I figured it could be a conversation between Corso and Risha about the Smuggler.

Also I know I messed with the timeline a bit making their first night together be after the Balmorra Corso mission but it's fan fiction I can do that =P
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Black-Angel-BR Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013
Never had a crush on a video game character b4, but riggs changed that
that came out so wrong lol.
Brialyn Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
He's amazing! :D
Monkey-Linwe Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
damn that farm boy is awesome.
Now I miss my smuggler and my corso..... =(
Btw, I loved it. =)
Brialyn Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you and he is by far now my favorite Bioware romance...far and beyond!
Monkey-Linwe Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
you're welcome! He is my number one. Doc (Jedi Knight) is my number two cause he's just amusing.
CeceliaMoran Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
My first character is a female smuggler. Great story, very sweet. I mean, for the life they have to lead.
Brialyn Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
He is too sweet! :)
CeceliaMoran Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
He is. *wants to just hug Corso*
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